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Gloriosa superba, commonly called gloriosa lily or climbing lily, is a tropical vine which grows to 6’. Climbs by tendrils at the leaf tips. Lily-like flowers with 6 showy petal-like segments of bright red edged with bright yellow. Blooms summer to fall.

Genus name comes from the Latin word gloriosus meaning glorious.

Specific epithet means superb.

'Rothschildiana' was named after Lionel Walter, 2nd. Baron Rothschild (1868 - 1937), who is credited with bringing the flower from Africa. When in bud, the flower faces downward but when in bloom, the petals are strongly reflexed backwards. The flowers are 4 to 5 in. wide with wavy-edged petals that are ruby red with yellow bases and edges and large, bright green stamens and pistils that spread out below the petals. It will quickly grow up a trellis using the tendrils formed at the tips of the leaves, growing from 5 to 6 ft. tall and 1 to 3 ft. wide. It may also be known as Gloriosa rothschildiana. All parts of this plant are poisonous.



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